Structures and Process

Characteristics and Environments of Human Services
BSHS 462
November 1, 2011

Rushford Medical Center is a state program in Connecticut which offers many different options for someone in need, including behavioral therapy. The organization works with adolescents with mental issues and addiction problems to adults who are willing to go through the intervention process. With the main branch located in the states capital of Hartford, Connecticut, there are many other treatment centers all over the state.
Vision and Mission
Rushford Medical Behavioral Center has many visions they would like to see take place. However one of their biggest and most important visions is ”Our experienced and compassionate physicians, nurses, therapists and support staff provide life-saving and life-changing prevention and treatment services to more than 12,000 children, adults and families each year.” (Anonymous, 2008) A mission statement is what any company or organization is willing to put out to their customers and clients. It is somewhat of a promise and dedication to the people who are willing to support the company and/or organization. Rushford Medical Healthcare Center’s mission statement is as follows: “Rushford is dedicated to meeting the substance abuse and mental health needs of children, adults and families. Working cooperatively with our Hartford HealthCare network partners and others who share our goals, Rushford strives to provide affordable, accessible services of proven effectiveness and high quality that embrace the most current research in prevention, treatment and recovery.” (Anonymous, 2008) With this being said, Rushford is willing to do whatever they can to assist clients and patients to make their experience with Rushford the best they can possibly have under any circumstances. In my opinion, it makes the client feel welcome to the facility and really want to see what it is all about.

Governed and Staffed
Rushford is staffed just like any...