Building a Process-Based Organization

Building a Process-Based Organization: The Design Roadmap at Superjet International
Angelo Corallo 1, Alessandro Margherita 1*, Massimo Scalvenzi 2 and Davide Storelli 1

Euro-Mediterranean Incubator, University of Salento, Lecce, Campus Ecotekne, Via Monteroni s.n., Lecce 73100, Italy 2 Alenia Aeronautica, CTO Process Improvement & Know-How Development, Turin, Italy

The benefits of managing companies through a process-based approach are well recognized in the business literature and in many corporate contexts. However, there is a limited discussion on how to practically design and develop an organization based on processes. This paper aims to address this relative ‘gap’ in the literature by presenting the case of a recent international joint venture in the regional jet industry. In the following paper, we present a story of organization design based on the identification and description of the core process model of the company, with a specific focus on customer service activities. Based on interviews and direct observation at the field site, this paper shows the main steps undertaken to define the process taxonomy levels and to describe process elements, along with a discussion of the relationships with the business model components of the company. The paper provides practical value as it provides practical insights relating to the start-up of a new company driven by a process-based approach. Copyright # 2010 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

The present turbulent economic landscape is forcing organizations to quickly adapt to both existing and emerging dynamic change and find effective and efficient solutions for doing business in novel situations. One of the areas mostly impacted by this turbulence relates to the design of appropriate organizational configurations. This design task becomes accordingly a more complex endeavour in such environments (Galbraith, 2002). Increased competition on cost, quality and service, along with inefficiencies of functional...