Raymond Describes the Structure and Process Systems

Between the rolling surface of the device material or between two rolling roll of the grinding bodies ( balls, rollers ) and one track ( plane , sphere , disk ) under pressure grinding roll mill called sometimes also referred to as a centrifugal mill . . There are many types of roller mill , such as plate mill, ring mill, roller mill , Raymond mill, roller mill , such as tilting , Raymond This paper describes the structure and process systems .
Raymond , also known as hanging roller mill , with stable performance , easy operation, low energy consumption, product fineness is adjustable so on. Which is widely used for fine coal , quartz, talc , graphite, TSP and chemical raw materials.
Raymond structure shown in Figure 1 . Roller frame by a shaft mounted in Plum , Plum rack gear driven in rotation , grinding ring is stationary , the material from the body by the side of the feeder to the inside into the machine, between the roller and grinding ring being grated and grinding , air from the lower portion to the tangential direction of the grinding ring is blown through a roller mill with a disc between the mine , with the upper portion of the dust into the mill with air classifier . Plum hanging shelves 3 to 5 rollers revolve around the central axis of the body . Since the centrifugal force generated by the revolution , the pressing roller and the grinding ring as in the rolling . Material into the mill to the shovel blade and Young to ground between the roller and grinding ring .
Raymond process system as shown in Figure 2 . Material from the crushing jaw crusher , bucket elevator to enter , and then fall into the hopper , electromagnetic vibrating feeder through to Raymond grinding ring into the tangential direction to the lower income , raised to be finely ground material , after setting in the mill classifier ( or separator ) grading, coarse grinding and then falling , fine collected by cyclone collector into products . This hot air can be fed to the system ,...