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Final Project 1

      Interview Profile

      Patricia Taylor

      Axia College of University of Phoenix

      BEH 225

      Karis Barnett


      Final Project 2

            Mrs. Cheryl Boone is a Special Education Teacher at Ann Chestnut Elementary School in Fayetteville North Carolina. Mrs. Boone has given me permission to do this interview. I would like to thank her for sharing her wonderful life story with myself and Axia College faculty and student body.

            Mrs. Boone was born June 3, 1950, in Bronx New York and was raised with a set of identical twin sisters that were younger with   attention-deficit and hyperactivity   disorder. At the age of 13years old Cheryl was the primary care taker of her twin sisters, her mother and father both had to work and in the evening she was left to baby sit. In Cheryl earlier years there were not many places equipped to handle minority children with this type of disorder. Cheryl being a very bright child herself understood the importance of helping her sibling to learn as much as possible. Cheryl took it upon herself to read and research as much as possible on this disorder. Cheryl wanted to be able to help her sisters live as normal a life as possible.

          Cheryl graduated from St. Anne high school in 1966 with honors to receive a scholarship to attend A & T University in Greensboro N.C. where she earned a bachelor degree in psychology. Cheryl worked her first teaching job in Guilford County in a children home for children with Autistic Disorder. While working in this children home Cheryl earned her Master Degree and PHD in psychology at Duke University. Cheryl was recruited by the Cumberland County School board to outline a program for their school system in special education.   Cheryl has been a Special Education teacher for the Cumberland School system for last 15 years.

      Final Project 3

          Cheryl explains that living with her sisters with this...