Strategic Plan Part One: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan Part One: Conceptualizing A Business

The business I will be using for this paper is a small coffee shop called Caleo Coffeehouse located in Kenosha, WI. Throughout this paper I will discuss this companies vision, their mission, and their values; in addition I will discuss a new services that Caleo could rollout to their clientele, to drive sales and increase their popularity.

Caleo Coffeehouse
Caleo Coffee House is a beautiful little coffee shop that carters to the random businessperson out to lunch, or the typical rowdy college students out to study or just meet up with friends. Our clientele continues coming to our establishment because of our top-notch customer service, unbeatable prices, indoor or outdoor seating, dog friendly, and children friendly. In addition to our wonderful coffee from all over Wisconsin, we also offer up teas, and hot chocolate and in the evening hours we have an amazing wine and beer list from manufactures throughout Wisconsin. We also provide our clientele with free Wi-Fi and an in-house bakery.

Mission Statement
At Caleo Coffeehouse our mission and our goal is solely on our community and our clientele when we opened our doors we thought of who we wanted to attract to our business.   We wanted it to be a place where not only the working class come and enjoy themselves, but also college students as well as families. We strive to make our clientele feel welcome and provide them with the best products and customer service.

Customers, Products, and Services
Caleo’s clientele is looking for a place not only to have coffee, but a place that they will feel comfortable and be able to bring their business partners, study groups, or kids. Caleo is even a fun place for teenagers to come and enjoy themselves, even tap into our Wi-Fi; Caleo is open to everyone and we want everyone to feel as though they are a part of Caleo Coffeehouse.
The products offered to the clientele of Caleo Coffeehouse include basic coffees, to...