Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan

Kudler Fine Foods: Strategic Plan
December 14, 2009
Dear Kathy,
Enclosed you will find an updated copy of the original strategic plan for Kudler Fine Foods. Due to the ever-changing marketplace and consumer needs it is critical for the company to review its original mission, vision and values to ensure the organization is heading in the direction originally intended. Furthermore, many companies spend valuable time and money reacting to unexpected changes using crises management techniques instead of using strategic planning as a means of anticipating and positively reacting to change (Ahoy, 2009). In addition to taking a proactive approach to business improvements, growth and management, strategic planning:
  Defines the overall mission of the organization and allows   the management team to focus on the objectives identified;
      Provides a sense of direction, continuity, and leadership;
      Provides awareness of company facilities and workforce-related   issues; and
      Provides a standard of accountability (Ahoy, 2009).
    The enclosed plan identifies several potential strategic alternatives for KFF and an implementation plan for one option viewed as providing the most value for the company. According to Ahoy (2009), the major keys to successful implementation of a strategic plan are commitment, credibility, and communication: everyone in the organization must be on board with the plan and continually provide feedback and vital information necessary to ensure its success.
Finally, strategic thinking within the company must be encouraged in order to keep the strategic plan current. Where strategic planning is about analysis, strategic thinking is about synthesis: the KFF team must continually use intuition and creativity to keep a clear vision of where the organization should be heading (Morrison, 1994).
Strategic planning is vital to ensuring that KFF is prepared for the challenges of tomorrow...