Strategic Plan

Running head: Conceptualizing a Business

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business

Pearlie Bishop
University of Phoenix
BUS/475 – Integrated Business Topics
Heike Soeffker-Culicerto
August 2, 2010

Strategic Plan, Part 1: Conceptualizing a Business


      The Perfect Cup is a coffee and tea shop that carries a special blend of coffee and teas. They are made from ground whole beans from South America. Our coffees and teas are more than just beverages.   We are a company of people with a passion for pleasing our customers. The goal of this business is to offer the finest quality tea and coffee, one that will keep our customers coming back. This paper will give the value, mission, and vision statements of The Perfect Cup Coffee and Tea Shop. Values, mission, and vision statements defines the intent and direction of a company. These statements are vital to the success of strategic planning. Without a good strategy an organization has no direction. Strategic planning involves creating long range goals and determines what resources will be needed to accomplish those goals. Furthermore, strategic planning begins with the creation of an organizational vision and an organizational mission.
Company Values
      “A company’s values are the beliefs, business principles, and practice that guide the conduct of its business, the pursuit of its strategic plan, and the behavior of company personnel” (Thompson, Gamble & Strickland, 2005, p. 19). Values are important to the success of any company. Without values employees have no direction to succeed in the workplace. Perfect Cup Coffee and Tea Shop plans to treat their employees and customers respectively with trust, dignity, and respect.
Company Mission Statement
      The mission statement outlines any business fundamental purposes. The mission statement becomes the foundation for setting specific goals, selecting, and motivating...