Final Strategic Plan

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
June 17, 2013

The American dream, it seems is to start and maintain a successful business of your own. The idea is there and you know you have the passion, but where do you go from here.
A successful business depends on many things, but one of the most important tools is that of a strategic plan.   As we have learned the last few weeks in class having a plan does not guarantee that your business will be blessed with success.   However, having a plan that serves as a guide to act as an outline can increase the possibility that you will be a success.   It is important that this plan is based on the company’s mission, vision and values.
The intent or purpose of this paper is to define my selected business, its products and services along with the target market by creating or outlining our mission statement, this paper will also consist of a vision statement and our core values. A vision statement presents a company’s strategic intent that is designed to demonstrate the projected future for the company that defines our values and considers important things like what our social responsibility, culture and even our ethics.
The company’s name is Aunt Charlie’s Sweets and Treats. It is a bakery and café offers a healthy and natural alternative to the traditional bakery and café item. Aunt Charlie’s was born out of the necessity of needing an alternative to the traditional bakery item that are filled with the preservatives and artificial colorings and flavors. The need arose for something like because of a personal need, but after doing lengthy research we have found that there was a great desire and need for such things. In today’s world when you are asked to bring something for an potluck or school you are often asked or required to purchase your contributions from an outside source, therefore, Aunt Charlie’s target market is those that have a specific need such as an allergy or health concern that may be...