Bus 475 Week 2 Individual Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan, Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Tiffany Camphouse
University of Phoenix
BUS 475
March 31, 2013

“A strategic business plan helps the company to define its mission and vision, giving the company a sense of purpose and direction that sets them apart from competitors,” (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). “A mission statement also discusses the product or services conducted by the company,” (Pearce & Robinson, 2009). Developing a strong mission and vision statement helps to clearly present to the clientele what the company has planned in the future as well as what the company is about. The paper will be discussing Little Tot’s.   Little Tot’s is a daycare center and the paper will be discussing the mission and vision statements as well as the values of the company and how each of these will help to determine the strategic direction of the company.
Little Tot’s is an early childhood development and care center focused on providing a memorable experience for both the child and the parent. Little Tot’s is not the everyday daycare facility; the daycare center includes certified teachers who dedicate their time teaching children what he or she needs to know to reach greatness in years to come. The center also offers extended hours for parents who may work late shifts. Little Tot’s provides weekend hours for parents who just want to be able to go out to run errands or even go on a date.
Little Tot’s believes in a healthy balance of fun and learning to keep the children content with their environment. In addition, Little Tot’s teaches children the importance of cleanliness to prevent the children from passing germs along to others in hopes to provide a healthy environment. Little Tot’s is commits to develop educational opportunities for children, families, and the dedicated staff who operate the facility. Little Tot’s accomplishes this by providing programs and an environment that upholds admiration for children, enrich the developmental stages of children,...