Spoiled Children

According to the passage, parents that give in to their children every time they act impulsively create inadequate adults. These spoiled children grow up feeling entitled and have little or no respect for others. They are not dependent and often have little self –esteem. On the contrary parents who do not give in on the demands of their children. Generally these kids grow up to be self-sufficient.

For example adults that were spoiled as children tend to have poor relationships. They have issues with honesty and fairness; they do not value hard work because it was made so easy for them. They do not develop the skills to patiently wait and set goals for themselves. They often become frustrated angry people because things do not go the way they like. The writer of the passage sums it up by stating “spoiled children become injured psychologically so that they are unable to negotiate the challenges of adult life”. Parents do not give the opportunity for children to experience failure or accomplishments That create self-esteem. Children do not learn the concept you get what you put in, in other words. You get rewarded when you work hard. If you don’t work hard at what you want you won’t get it.

From the beginning of the passage I totally agreed with it. Parents that spoil their children and give them what they want hurt them. As parents raise their children they have to remember that they are training them for adult hood. Creating rules and Being consistent with their consequences are very important in the developmental of character. For example, when a child wants a new toy and you tell him to get an A on his text next week and he does get an A and gets the toy, he learned that if he studies and get what was aked of him he will get what he wanted. On the other hand if he would get a B and the parent does not get him the new toy, the child is going to learn that he should have worked harder. But if the child starts giving excuses on why he got a B and not an A and...