When We Give Our Children Everything They Want When They Want We Are Setting Them Up for Failure

When we give our children everything when they want we are setting them up for failure
      We as parents are sending a message to our children, that the best things in life are free and that they do not have to earn anything, just ask and it shall be given , and that they do not have to take any responsibilities for their actions. Mommy and Daddy will always be here to bail you out of their predicaments.
        We start this behavior when they are cute little babies, lying in their cribs, when they start to cry or whine, it is Mommy and Daddy to the rescue. If a parent knows that their child is not sick or hungry or wet then they should let them tough it out, they will stop crying and usually go right off to sleep.
        Then when the child goes into a store and begin to throw a tantrum, because they want everything that they see, they are shouting as loud as they can, so this behavior starts to embarrass the parent because everyone is looking in their direction. So the parents approach to this situation is they let the child have the toy.
        So, we really start pacing the floors, when that same spoiled, misbehaved child becomes a young adult. The child will not work anywhere and the child will not help the parents around the house. So now the parents are telling the child , that they need to be more responsible.
        Then the parents start the pity party,” Where did I go wrong, I did everything I could for them. Parents we must do a better job raising our children.   Parents raise your children so that you can look at them and say just how proud you are of them.