1. Do You Agree or Disagree! Having Pets Are Beneficial for Children.

Nowadays, sending gifts from parents is a popular way to grant and encourage children for their studies. In my opinion, sending pets for children as a present has a positive prospect to develop skills and responsibility to take care themselves when they are young.

Firstly, todays parents are having less time to stay with their children with a heavy workload. Keeping pets gain companionship and joy with children instead of staying alone at home. For instance, my friend Joyce was a quiet and shy person who grows up in a single parent family. She needed to stay with her grandma while her mother is always busy from works. After her mother adopts a rabbit for her, she became cheerful and asked me out to play with her. Keeping pets at home help kids to overcome the loneliness without parents at home.

Secondly, most children are brought up well and spoiled by their prefer family, they feel satisfy and achieve their wants base on materialistic. Children could learn to become independent and generous while taking caring their pets. In my family, my younger brother is the most spoilest child, he always rely on our parents such as feeding and dressing up for him. Also, my father will always sending gifts satisfy s such as buying new toys to satisfy his wants when he cries. However, after we got two puppies from my sister’s friend. He learns to become independent and sharing with others while taking of the puppies such as preparing food and bathing for them. Keeping pets at home teach kids to take up their responsibility and gain confident through taking care different living creatures.

Finally, Keeping pets protect and gain security for families with children. For instance, my cousin parents are always busy and returned home very late, he needs to sleep alone. He always cry and afraid of the dark when he needs to go to washroom in the midnight. However, when he got a golden retriever as his birthday present, the child fears all went away. The dog gave the child...