Should Abortion by Legal

Should Abortion Be Legal
Informal Logic
PHI 103
Crystal Felton
Dr. Renee Levant
19 December 2011


Should Abortion Be Legal
Abortion is the expulsion of a fetus before it is viable, meaning the fetus has reached a stage of development capable of living outside of the uterus. Abortion should be legal only if the mother is suffering from a life-threating disease. Therapeutic abortion should only be done to preserve the health or life of the woman, all other is simply cruel and murder.
Americans are deeply divided over abortion. It is believed that life begins at the point of conception when the sperm joins the egg, and termination from this point forward is murder. Roe verse Wade made abortion legal and a lot say that they legalized murder. The Roman Catholic Church says that abortion is okay during the first three months (New York, 1992). It is true women have a right to do what they like to their own bodies. Every person has a right to do as they please to their own bodies. An unborn child or baby is also an individual, a distinct individual separate from the mother and father. From conception a fetus has his own DNA, different from any other, even his mother. The mother’s body is different from that of her unborn child even if the unborn child resides in the mother’s womb it is still separate. We can see pictures of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb and see very distinct fingers, toes, eyes, and ears and even sucking of the fingers; there is a heartbeat and movement. By 14 weeks gestational age the taste buds are formed, you can see the unborn child swallowing, all of this shows us they are a separate life and to terminate that life is murder. Just because an unborn child is not seen doesn’t mean he/she isn’t alive.   An unborn child has a right to life and should not be murdered or aborted because the mother does not want to be a single parent, or cannot afford to care for him/her, or any other reason except for life or death situations. There...