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1. The Ambivalence Of Abortion
Whether or not abortion is morally right or wrong, the fact remains that a woman has the right to make her own decisions. If a woman decides to have an abortion it is her right to do as she pleases with her body. It is understandable that many may disagree with abortion being legal, but that is no reason not to allow others to have a different opin
2. Abortion: Is It Murder?
A mother kills her baby because it is unwanted, yet she is not charged with murder. Is this right? Believe it or not, this has happened more than twenty-million times in the past twenty years. The problem is that they have been killed legally because of abortion. Many people approve of abortion because they consider that a fetus is not an individua
3. Abortion: Murder Of An Innocent Human Being
Every year hundred thousands of murders never reach the courtroom because they are completely legal. Abortion continues to happen everyday across the world. Abortion is one of the worst acts a person can commit. Abortion is immoral, harmful, and strong actions must be taken to stop it. I believe human life begins at the beginning of brain activity
4. Abortion: Freedom Of Choice
Since 1973 abortion has been an important controversial issue to the United States. The problem begins should it be a womans choice whether or not to terminate her pregnancyor should it be the goverments choice. This is where a woman looses her rights as a person. If abortion is not remained legal woman will start performing them illegaly. One thir

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