Abortion Legalized

Abortion Legalizes
Even though abortion has been one of the most controversial subjects in American history both socially and politically. The fight between pro-life and pro-choice supporters has been long and brutal. It has caused countless deaths and several violent confrontations by each side. Both sides have their points that they stand on. Therefore the question still remains, should abortion be legal?
Abortion is the termination of the pregnancy before the baby is born thus, creating the death of the fetus. Abortions can happen naturally through miscarriage due to numerous reasons. Other abortions are induced. Abortions that are induced are intentional abortions usually due to an unwanted pregnancy or health reasons. Consequently, that question arises again; should abortion be legal?
Though people disagree on this subject, legalized abortion is the only option to protect the lives of American citizens. If we turn back the time clock of history we will see the results of prohibiting abortions. The violence currently due to pro-choice and pro-life conflicts is very minimal compared to the hundreds of thousands of women that did not have the choice of abortion, which led to either self-inflected or back room “professionals” which resulted in horrible cases of infection, massive blood loss resulting in death, and permanent physical disfigurement. It is much better now that women have a choice with places to go where abortion can be executed professionally with minimal health risks. Legalizing abortion is the right thing to do no matter which side of the issue you stand on. Women have the right to do what they think is good for them to live life as they wish, no matter how anyone else feels.
Abortion has been around our world for thousands of years. It has been accepted as a means of preventing suffering of both women and potential child. It has been a part of our lives and practiced widely in every culture for many different reasons such as, overpopulation,...