Persuasive Paper- Aborting America

The topic of abortion has created a deep divide in much of society. People often talk a great deal about moral, social, or even religious reasoning but rarely is anything said about the basic medical details of the procedures. The majority of women make the decision of aborting their child without discussing the details of the procedure or the possible health considerations with anyone, let alone their doctor. It is doubtful that there is any other medical procedure performed with such little knowledge on the part of the patient. America deserves to be informed; not only of the moral, social, and religious aspects but of the medical details of the procedures involved in an abortion. This detailed information will provide for a truly informed decision about abortion so that more lives can be preserved and the true nature of abortion can be exposed.
The word “abortion” is a term that refers to a premature forced removal of a human fetus, whether by natural means, such as a miscarriage, or artificially, as in chemical or surgical abortion procedures. The most common use of the term abortion is to describe an artificially induced abortion, which is the definition this paper will utilize.
The United States Supreme Court handed down its Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973. These decisions not only legalized abortion in all 50 states but also allowed it to be performed during all nine months of pregnancy and for any reason, medical, social, or otherwise. Roe declares that the state may proscribe late term abortions in the interest of protecting fetal life after viability, except when it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother," which Doe explains is to include not only physical health but mental health, to be understood to include factors such as age, familial status, or emotional state (Roe v. Wade, & Doe v. Bolton, 1973).
Only one other set of medical procedures is performed more on an elective basis than abortions and which is...