Roles and Responsibilites

My Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

I am a part-time teacher of Teacher Training in a Further Education College.   I teach on the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector.   My students are all adults who are either already in teaching or are intending to become teachers of adults.

1] Identify needs

The needs of my students are identified partly through the application process and partly by me as I get to know them.   The students have to complete an application form and, usually, have an interview to check they are right for the course and the course is right for them.   Initial assessment is important in establishing the previous knowledge of the students and their needs which the teacher tries to meet.   The students can confirm their own preferred learning styles by completing a questionnaire in the early part of the course.

2] Plan and design.

I receive a syllabus for my courses from City and Guilds, the awarding body.   There is also a scheme of work which I then interpret.   I develop lesson plans from this syllabus.   I try to include a variety of teaching and learning methods and use a variety of resources so that I cater for the different learning styles of the students.   Some will be mainly visual learners, some auditory and some kinaesthetic or a combination of these.

3] deliver/facilitate

I endeavour to teach my courses that takes full account of the different learning styles required to motivate my varied learners. I include content which actively involve the learners,to paricipate in individual   learning. I am also responsible for the health and safety of my learners. At the end   of   each session I fill in an achievement form in consultation with   my learners.

4] Assess

After the initial assessment, and registration   online ,I assess the students’ learning and understanding of   the my guide   interaction course, the course   registerers   a   start   date   and   end...