Wilson, L (2014) Practical Teaching, (2nd edition), Andover, Cengage Learning EMEA

Welcome to Widnes College

Training leaflet for new teaching staff

What is expected of me?

Here at Widnes College we are a dedicated team, delivering the highest quality teaching and training to our learners. We aim to ensure that each and every learner has access to support and guidance to be able to achieve his or her full potential. The aim of this booklet is to outline your roles and responsibilities here at Widnes College and to make you aware of our legal obligations and the duty of care we have for our learners. This booklet should be worked through with the support of your mentor.....happy teaching!

Food for thought

Wilson (2014 p5) states that “teaching is not limited to imparting knowledge, you will also have a responsibility for helping someone to learn”

Teacher/trainer roles and responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of a teacher or trainer, are varied and extensive. As a member of our teaching staff you will be required to perform many duties, some of which will include:

  Assessing learners needs
  Appropriate management of your time
  Being fully prepared for the delivery of your lessons
  Managing appropriate classroom behaviour

Your roles and responsibilities are intrinsically linked to the teaching and training cycle which consists of five steps detailed below, please be aware that this is not an outline of your full role and responsibilities, merely a guideline.

Identifying Needs

This stage in the cycle focus's on you getting to know your learner and fully understanding what it is they need to be able to achieve. Key points of this stage will be to:

  Arrange initial assessments
  Identifying and individual needs the learner may have
  Identify and barriers to learning

Planning Learning

The planning stage involves mixing what you have learnt about your students and incorporating it...