Roles, Responsibilites and Bondries as a Teacher Pttls


My role, responsibility and boundaries as a teacher in term of the teaching/training cycle would first and foremost ensure that i have accomplished and acquired the adequate knowledge needed in the field that I am teaching.
Using the Teacher Training Cycle
I am able to take the necessary steps to deliver a planned lesson that reaches the legislative requirements, polices and rules, so the learners are able to comprehend, debate, criticise and assess the course.
To Identify the needs of the learners and then be able to recognise learners who may need help, advice in certain areas whether being academically or personally and to then ensure that they receive learning support or is referred to the correct professional body for their specific needs.
Able to Plan and Designing a lesson/course taking into account the criteria that are in place for teaching but ensuring that it is taught at a level or way for others to learn and comprehend.
Ensuring that the planned lesson meets the EMC (Every Child Matters) and ELM (Every Learner Matters) that health and safety measures are put in place and to address differentiation that all learners are capable to maximise his or her learning abilities in order to reach a higher level of learning, but keeping within the boundaries of a teacher.
Delivering the lesson or course:
Explaining, illustrating, discussing the lesson using resources that are available and ensuring that it is adapted to the learners and using the SWEET analysis (strengths, weaknesses, effectiveness, efficiency and transferability) ensuring that the lesson is stimulating and at the same time the learner is still learning.
Assessing the lesson by asking and answering questions in order to determine that the lesson was taught efficiently.   Teacher and learner are able to compare different aspects of the lesson and gain feedback in order to evaluate the course.
Evaluating the lesson...