Role Resposibilities Boundaries

It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that health and safety measures are taken into consideration within the learning environment. The environment should be of relevance to the subject, taking into account specific regulations. Resources need to be prepared in advance to ensure a high impact of learning. Taking appropriate breaks will enable the learners to have more focus on the subject.

Many barriers can arise when delivering a lesson and it is the teacher’s role to overcome any challenges that appear. By communicating to the learners effectively and discovering learning styles quickly, you can comply with all learners needs in a suitable manner. Setting aims and objectives which involve each student and their learning needs and delivering activities to cover visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning styles, equality and diversity will have been taken into account. Enthusiasm, encouragement and facilitation are key roles of a teacher and should be visible in the learning environment in order to benefit the participating learners.
The teaching, training cycle provides a structure where the roles, responsibilities and boundaries can be assessed and evaluated. This can be done through one to one tutorials. It is the responsibility to re evaluate development on each individual learner taking into account the learners changing needs. Aims and objectives and the overall structure of the course will need to be re evaluated according to development of the learners.

• – 06/06/11
• Anne Gravells – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector 2008- Exeter