Descibe What Your Role, Responsibilitiesnand Boundaries Would Be as Ateacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

The role, responsibilities and boundaries of the teacher have somewhat changed and evolved from what was once the old method of teacher-centred instruction. The instructor/teacher once regarded as the ‘fountain of all knowledge’ would instruct in a “monkey see monkey do” style, (standing up the front of the class using a chalkboard) and would invite no feedback from students and would continue re-teaching the same material the same way regardless of learning errors and mistakes.
But today, the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of the modern teacher have changed. Qualities of the modern teacher are assessed and reflected upon using the teacher training cycle.

The teaching/training cycle consists of five processes for which teachers have a role and responsibility.
• Identifying needs- To find and identify the needs, ability and learning style of every individual student.
• Plan and design- To plan and design all lessons in advance and make sure all requirements are met, including handouts, demonstrations, preparation of the environment etc and give suitable delivery.
• Deliver/facilitate- To teach with clear, confident instructions in a precise and motivational manner.
• Assess- To ensure students have learnt the necessary skills and knowledge according to the course criteria.   (An example that I have used when I was delivering Prison-NOMIS was for all students to complete a scenario and this ensured that they have learnt all the necessary skills).
• Evaluate- Receiving feedback from students and also my own evaluation in order to make any modification or changes for future teaching.