Roles, Responsibilities & Boundaries of a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching Cycle

Roles, responsibilities & boundaries of a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle

The roles, responsibilities & boundaries of a teacher, merge into each other, to the

extent that they are inseparable one from the other.

The training needs analysis identifies the need for training to take place, and

amongst other thing, recommends how that training could be delivered . In my

currant job, as the courseware assurance team leader, I am obligated to ensure that

the course content, and the methods and media used to deliver all aspects of the

course are at the appropriate level for the students who will be attending, and that the

possible needs of any students can be catered for within the framework of the course

training plan.   The priority must be given to achieving the course aim, this can be

made easier if the training cycle is used.

I have to ensure that all the relevant information to be taught is conveyed in the best

and most appropriate manner for the subject manner.   I have to ensure that the

course can be delivered to all students where possible taking into account not only

the learning styles of the students, but also the teaching styles of the instructors who

will deliver the course. consider the needs of the individual students in relation to

the wider course.

The responsibility falls with me to ensure that the design, content & delivery of the

course can be assessed in line with policy to ensure that all the set aims of the

course are being met, therefore ensuring that all the students are being served equally

well regardless of any difference in their learning styles.

The evaluation of the course is a live issue throughout the design & development of

the course through to the final delivery.   The course must achieve all the objectives

laid down, as well as employing the correct training techniques in all the aspects of

the training program.

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