Review of a Film

a review of a film/book you have seen or read recently.

The book “The street of a Thousand Blossoms” by Gail Tsuiyama is a well-written and fascinating novel. The story is set in Japan, mainly in Tokyo and encompassing the years 1939-1966. There are four main characters: two brothers- Hiroshi and Kenji and two sisters Haru and Aki.
The story begins before Word War II when they are children. Hiroshi, the older boy, is strong, outgoing and self- confident. He trains sumo and becomes famous sumotori. The youngest, on the other hand, is quiet and gently. His great love is the delicate craft of masks used for theater. They lost their parents in an accident and they live with wise grandfather- ojichan and grandmother- obachan. In another district lives Haru and Aki with their parents. Haru is ambitious and likes flowers and the youngest Aki is a little bit lost and shy.
The plot has a really unexpected twist. When the war comes, their lives cross. But everything is harder- there is lack of food, they experience bombing every day and they can’t make plans for the future. And even after many years, the effects of the war never leave them. The slow awakening and gradual recovery of a severely damaged country is described very precisely. And we can learn also a lot of thing about Japanese culture and tradition.
The book is rather long but keeps the reader absorbed from beginning to end. Readers will enjoy getting to know each of the characters and watch them evolve throughout time and space. I would recommend   this book because it will change the way you see this country.

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