Film Advertising

With all big and small budget films the bottom line is profit. The film industry take certain precautions to make sure their film is targeted at the right audience. The purpose of finding its target audience is to maximize the audience for the film and therefore maximize its earnings when it is released on the big screen. Veteran distubutor Tony Ciancoiotta once said that when he’s trying to figure out to buy a film he’ll ask himself, “Who would stand in a lineup outside, at night, in January to see this film? Picture the lineup and that’s your target audience.

Here are some simple examples of a target audience for a film. This could be a sequel to a film like Spiderman. The audience will consist of fans of the previous film, and even fans of Stan Lee’s early Spiderman comics, which the film was based on.   With each new movie release, a studio has to find out its target audience and create a new brand. This is why they like sequels and franchises so much. It’s as easy as this, a string of films based around a similar or in some cases the same brand are easier to market as audiences have already had a taste for them. Other examples are trilogies like The Lord of The Rings and the Star Wars films. These have huge brand loyalty, and can be associated with a whole range of different merchandising too. Stars might also be considered brands if they associated with a popular film or even one type of film. Audiences feel comfortable going to see a film that may have a well-known actor like Tom Cruise in it because he’ll be associated with popular blockbusters. Also in the film industry, films have been known to have a limited shelf life. Films can only be marketed to great effect prior there release. Once the film has been show on the big screen word-of-mouth takes over takes over. This then comes down to the standard of the film, and if people liked it or not.

Here for you is a general outline of the progress the film industry go through. Product… A film has to be...