Dylan Thomas

Question: Write an essay on a period or literary group in British poetry, or a British poet or a British poem in about 3000 words.

(Dylan Marlais Thomas (27 October 1914 – 9 November 1953))


Dylan Thomas was a poet of transition from modernism to post war poetry. Modernism in English poetry reflected post-war (1) disillusionment, the impact of science and industrial society and elite cosmopolitanism. Literary movements like symbolism, imagism, classicism, surrealism, socialism etc. Contributed to its emergence.. Traditional verse forms and the paraphrasable content of poetry were rejected. Consequently, new poetry characterized by free verse, missing syntactic links and recondite allusions became obscure and difficult for the common reader. But the cinema, the radio, the television and new other audio visual means of mass communication posed a challenge to the elite tendency. Class and mass cultures clashed.
Dylan Thomas was a product of this clash or tension. His love for words and language was inspired by nursery-rhymes, folk tales, ballads, hymns, the rhythms of the bible, Blake’s Songs of innocence, and Shakespeare. With his love of rhetoric he played the game of language with a romantic sincerity, a dazzling brilliance, and a baffling theatrically, which just fell short of achieving the vision of the mature poet which is focused on life within and beyond language.
Thomas had become a legendary figure estimate in his life time. He made poetry a performing art. His poetry was lyrical and sometimes enigmatic in a challenging manner about sex, death and religion.

Born 27 October 1914
Uplands, Swansea, Glamorgan, Wales
Died 9 November 1953 (aged 39)
New York City, United States
Occupation Poet and writer
Literary Modernism

Spouse(s) Caitlin Macnamara (m. 1937–1953, his death)
Children Llewellyn Edouard Thomas (1939–2000)
Aeronwy Bryn Thomas (1943–2009)
Colm Garan Hart Thomas (b....