“Searching for a Meaning in Film Review”

“This movie is extremely remarkable and the effects are truly exciting at times” (Real Movie Review, 2010).   In the film-making industry, movie reviews can achieve a significant impact. One reputable reviewer’s opinion can blow the movie out of the box office or make the movie into a dud.   Even though a movie review is essentially a person's opinion there are many actors that play into creating a fair and validated movie review.   Throughout the course, of this class and the research that I have been doing on movie making, I have gained the knowledge to examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations of a film thoroughly, collect and explain the different possible meanings, and have developed my own personal criteria for analyzing a film.   Many movie watchers will begin to analyze a film subconsciously, prior to even watching it.
Film review starts when searching for a meaning in the title; most movie titles have a large amount of importance to the film and its interpretation.   An analyst will often time search for the importance and try to clarify the meaning.   Once the analyst has taken into consideration the title he or she will then begin to watch the film which is when the fun begins.   Throughout the film, the movie critic will search for multiple cues that lead to the meaning or main storyline the writer and director are attempting to portray.   Some of the things that the reviewer may watch for are the different lighting effects, scene transitions, music, use of color and distinctive effects.   All of these factors will help reveal underlying visual and audible affects. There will be tips the viewer in the underlying meaning and overall message that the movie writer is attempting to portray.
Lighting can also, be used to create the tone or disposition by creating a more depressing environment by the use of lower light levels, while in a happier and more pleasant environment may be indicated by use of brighter lighting.   Scene...