Research Paper on Research Papers

AP English
6 Nov. 2011
“Research and Intellectual Development”

“Most of the time students feel that doing homework and assignments is really useless.”   (Frederick, Why Is the Research Paper Important In Scholarly Writing?). Contrary to what most students believe research papers are not assigned to torture them. The main purpose of research papers is to reinforce a lesson. Research papers also prepare students for a college lifestyle and ultimately establish researching habits for a student’s professional career. A secondary purpose of research papers is to force students to research about a topic and hopefully they stumble upon something that they would have never researched on their own accord. Being able to conduct research will be instrumental in any profession a person chooses to follow. The problem with this is that most students see research as a tedious task. These students miss out on the possible excitement they could uncover if they research wholeheartedly.
Research papers are the best tool in a teacher’s toolbox. Teachers do not assign research papers to torture students. Actually, research papers are assigned to help reinforce whatever is being taught. Research papers get students to actually apply themselves. Even when a lazy student composes a research paper the student still has to research the topic to get a halfway decent grade. Though the student may not write the paper to his or her maximum potential they
still come out of the assignment with a broader understanding of the topic. As researchers students seek out and find answers to their own questions about a topic. They experience the pleasure of learning new things and expand the students understanding of the topic. During this research is when a student has an opportunity to become an accomplished problem solver. (DiYanni, 567).
Just the research itself is necessary to succeed in college and in any choice profession. Skills derived from preparing research papers are by no means just...