Affecting Change Paper


Affecting Change
Phoenix University


This paper discusses research which was undertaken to find the best leadership style to restructure S & F online. A theoretical framework is developed from literature search and this is used by the author as the basis of the perfect leadership style to restructure the S & F Online department.. The researcher collected data within this framework and analyzed it according to the precepts laid down by earlier researchers in the field. The data is used to demonstrate that the chosen leadership style is perfect for the author acting as the Chief Operating Officer. Conclusions are drawn regarding the usefulness of the chosen style within the organization.
                                                            Affecting Change
      Smith and Falmouth (S&F) is a small Mail Order Network and Tele-shopping company that operates in Canada and the United States. Smith & Falmouth's online has an organizational structure that is decentralized. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Irene Seagraves, at the top of the hierarchy, followed in line by the Chief Operating Officer, and the Project Manager, James William Argyle. Mr. Argyle works closely and directly with the Logistics and Marketing managers, Brian Kervor and Adam Searle. Together, theses three make up the driving force of authority at S & F Online and have two teams of people to carry out their ideas. The logistics team is made up of three employees and the web development team which includes six different employees. The company started an e-tailing division named S&F Online, in the hopes of staying competitive in the industry and to add overall financial stability to the parent company. To get online business to a good start, the founder and CEO, Irene Seagraves assembled various teams to help develop a program that would essentially manage the inventory and successfully market the new branch of the company. Ms. Seagraves is...