International Paper Business Proposal Paper

Business Proposal: Macroeconomic Policy and Implications
    Macroeconomic policy seeks to secure income, stabilize prices, educate, and provide universal healthcare. Macroeconomic policy seeks to stabilize an economy via long term sustainable growth. A major goal of macroeconomic policy is the ability of an economy to expand its capacity to produce. Furthermore, macroeconomic policy is about maintaining economic equilibrium.

The Bombay Renal Dialysis Center Outlook:    
    Five years have passed and the Bombay Renal Dialysis Center is looking to expand overseas. The center has identified a market and population in Sub-Saharan Africa that has unmet demand for renal dialysis services.

The business proposal resumes the scope of its renal dialysis nature and growing spectrum of the renal dialysis market in Sub-Saharan Africa. It further analyzes macroeconomic policy and its implications internationally. The business proposal will address whether or not the price for dialysis services would be higher or lower than what the center charges domestically to include if the center will hire domestically or outside the country. Entry barriers to Sub-Saharan Africa and possible limits of supply will also be noted. Finally, the business proposal will state how foreign consumers will react to the center’s service offerings.

[Sub-Saharan Africa]
    An estimated 11% of the world’s people reside in Sub-Saharan Africa. That estimated 11% of people residing in Sub-Saharan Africa contributes to 24% of the burdening costs of global disease (The Business of Health in Africa, 2008).
    Public resources are limited. As a result, use of the private sector has the potential to extend healthcare access, boost financing, and make better the quality of healthcare goods and services in Africa.
    Most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are currently in a low financial state. Only a small number of countries pay a $34-40 per person per year...