Value of Diversity in Work Place Paper


Value of Diversity in Work place Paper


Value of Diversity in Work place Paper


Workplace diversity is a people issue, focused on the differences and similarities that people

bring to an organization. It is usually defined broadly to include dimensions beyond those

specified legally in equal opportunity and affirmative action non-discrimination statutes." (Woods,

2001). In this paper I will explore how gender, age, race, ethnicity and religion affect individuals

in the workplace and the work environment. I will also discuss the importance of a having a

culturally diverse workforce.


    Value of Diversity in Work place Paper

"The research on working women in general tells us that there are very few differences between men and

women that affect job performance. However, women are reported to be more conforming and to have lower

expectations of success than men do. And women's absenteeism rates tend to be higher than those of

men."(Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2005). The explanation for women being more conforming in the

workplace is rooted in history. When women joined the workforce, they were paid less than men, and this

practice still continues. Women do not feel secure in the workforce because they are treated dissimilarly,

therefore, causing women to be more conforming. Women often do not want to draw attention to themselves

because they desire to stay employed.

Finding a sense of balance between work and family life is a struggle many women face. Some women find

that working full-time while raising a family is not cost effective, so they opt for part-time work, or to not work

until their children are of school age. Women's absenteeism will always be slightly hirer because they can give

birth. A woman working is not always cost-effective, because of the high costs of child care, and women are

not usually the primary financial...