Reflective Account

A reflective account

  With children it’s important that to find out any individual needs when the child settles in nursery or in another age group when they move for example from baby unit to toddlers. When the child is settling in the nursery I will need to talk to the parents in order to find out any needs and preferences.

Observe the child (especially during first few sessions) and make notes if anything is not certain or I’m not sure – find out from the manager   or room leader any additional information from child’s file.

I had to realise any individual needs that could stop communication work , find out them and try my best to help.

  A new little boy, Child A started recently in the room as he entered nursery I smiled, giving him eye contact then I said hello using his name and told him mine and he smiled back. He had never been to this age group before and he was very excited and had no awareness of the daily routine. I calmly held out my hand and he held out his. I asked him what he would like to play with and Child A chose to play with the car   but during his play he became very upset because he wanted to play with that car which one already had in another boy`s Child B hand. Child A pushed Child B as he wanted to take the car straight away from his hand. Both of them started to .I bent down and placed my arm around him and asked to look at me. Tears were rolling down his face and I explained to him that when the other child   finished playing with the car he would be able to have a term. Then I sat down next to him to take term in using the garage and sharing the cars. During the session I continued to support him, through lunch time and the day too.

  My first thought was “Oh, no way!”, he must to learn the routine and how he supposed to behave. Secondly I told to myself, it his first day with us,   new environment, surrounding by different adult and kids with different routine, so it could be hard to him. I thought if I were...