Recycling Is Good for the Economy

It is very common sight at my work place to see my colleagues dispose their waste into any kind of waste bin without any hesitation.   Whether it is food waste, paper material, scrap metal or a plastic bottle, they choose a closest bin to dispose their waste. This happens despite the presence of specific bins with bold letters that are purposely placed adjacent to each other for specific wastes. How often many of us see this kind of behavior all most everywhere, especially in public places? Why anyone indeed need to worry too much about this? Obviously there are no regulations or serious consequences barring anyone from doing so! But the fact forgotten is that tons of reusable solid waste as often thrown as mixed garbage, which could end up creating more and more landfills in our country. According to Natural Resources Canada website, of the thirty Metric ton waste that Canadians produce annually, only six metric ton has been recycled and the rest twenty four metric ton (78%) has been discarded.
How much longer can we wait to act before landfill and garbage disposal cost goes through the roof?   Therefore Recycling should be made mandatory in Canada to benefit our economy in many important ways such as to reduce pollution, to conserve natural resources and improve economic development.
Recycling is the process of taking some of our garbage and re-use it repeatedly, that would otherwise pollute our eco-system. In the absence of mandatory recycling people have “nice to do” option which require more and more landfills to be opened in order to handle the recyclable garbage. This will in turn increases the greenhouse gases and pollute our environment.   “Estimates have shown that over 25 Mega tons (Mt) of CO2 (methane) equivalent is being generated annually from Canadian landfills. This is the equivalent to approximately 5.5 million cars on the road.”(Environment Canada). Moreover, when products are made using recovered rather than...