Recycling: Is It Good or Bad?
Recycling is something that has always interested me, but not for the reasons that most people are interested in it for. I’m not into it for saving the earth, or helping to decrease the amount of trash. I’m interested in recycling because I want to know if it is truly more cost effective and easier to recycle, then to not. So when searching for a good Web site to use for this research, I looked for one that gave this information plus more.
The first Web site I found was Recycler’s World. Within ten seconds of finding this page I realized it would not be a good source to use. On the home page of the site it states that, “Recycler’s World was established to promote the trade of scrap and waste materials.” (Recycler’s). When I saw that statement I knew this would not be a source used for the research I was looking for. As I explored the Web site further, I noticed that it did not provide information about recycling like why it was good, was it cost effective, etc. It provided a blog for the owner of the site to update it user’s on current information, but other than that there was not much useful information. This site would be extremely helpful if the user was looking to trade their scrap and waste materials. However, that was not what I was looking for. This site would not be usable for researching this topic.
Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) was the second site I found. This one showed to be a reliable and useful source. On the home page was their mission statement and what they strive to do. Also on the home page is what RRS specializes in: “Government and Public Agencies, Business and Industry, Colleges and Universities, Health Care, and Non-Profits.” (Resource). The basic mission of RRS is to bring real-world green solutions to a multitude of places. On the left side of the home page are links to tell you about RRS and what they do. The first link is About Us. This is an overview of what is talked about on the home page, only...