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Juraj Cheben, Ph.D

Section 0 – Introduction (45 marks /15 % ) – this part is missing in this example
Provide a synopsis or overview of the organization including the following:
  a) What is the name of the organization?, How long has the organization existed?, How large is the organization – locations, personnel, sales, and so forth? (5 points)
  b) Marketing environment (10 points)
  c) Identify organization structure and organizational design. (5 points)
  d) Market segmentation. Who are the customers or clients the organization serves? Consumers` behavior. (5 points)
  e) What are the products or services the organization provides? (5 points)
  f) Identify price policy of the organization. (5 points)
  g) Identify distribution policy of the organization. (5 points)
  h) Identify marketing communication policy of the organization. (5 points)

Table of Contents
Cover Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Problem 1: 3
Problem 2:           10
Problem 3:           14
Problem 4:           19
Problem 5:           24
Conclusion           28
Theories and Concepts           29
References           34

Walmart is a low-cost retailer founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and to this day is still going strong (Frank, 2006). The company offers a variety of goods and services such as retail goods, pharmacy services, financial services, wireless and photo lab services, as well as groceries, baby products, apparel, furniture, electronics, and other commodities. Most Walmart stores have a garden center, a Tire & Lube Express, an optical center, a portrait studio, a fast food outlet, and some even have gasoline stations (Washington, n.d.). They also have neighborhood markets displayed as convenience stores and express stores that...