Outline the Argument That Rubbish Is Not Worthless

Outline the argument that rubbish is not worthless

What is rubbish? Within the British society and culture that us people have grown up in, we have been made to believe it’s worthless, dirty junk and in fact offensive to look at on our streets. Also what value does it have? When it comes to value, it can state on how useful something is or sentimental. What it is worth by price, or is value simply the principle of what you believe is right and wrong. In the essay, I will explain how rubbish can be valuable in different aspects in a consumer society.
Rubbish can be in a form for creation, carnage or a type of value. People do not necessarily think about it in depth and would mainly just think of waste that is in our bins. Even so, we can all still forget that our rubbish is even there as it is out of sight most of the time until the bin men come to collect it in the early hours of the morning and we may have forgotten to take out some rubbish the night before.   Also, there can be situations where a light would be left on in a room which is not being used and wasting electricity or we chuck out food, but not thinking about these consequences and not realising this is causing waste. It is estimated about 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted a year in the UK alone according to (Vivienne Brown, 2009a, P. 106).   (Hinchcliffe, 2009, P. 103) states that, majority of the time we do not always notice the bin men; for example unless we have forgotten to take out our ‘trash’ with food waste, empty bottles and cardboard packaging from new purchases etc. With all this, we also don’t consider the costs it has on the environment.  
The supermarkets have been a big influence on the amount of rubbish which has risen in the past few decades with the amount of disposable products sold, for example nappies years ago would have been cloths and been washed, then re-used rather than disposed of. This is because more women are employed and it saves time for them. Supermarkets are also...