Recycling Benifits

Literature 11
11 February 2011

Making Recycling Mandatory
The major benefits of recycling can help our community in many ways. If we do not make recycling mandatory we could not only ruin our community, but also our planet. These days we see the words reduce, reuse, and recycle at most recycling places, but what do these three words actually mean? Reduce is to use fewer items. Reuse is to continue using things again after they have been previously used. Recycling is the processing of old or unused materials into new items or products. Anything can be recycled and these three words help keep our community in its best shape. The only problem is that many people ask the question, “why recycle?”
“Many say recycling is a waste of money, and a waste of time” (Hutchinson 2). There actually are many reasons to recycle, which is why more and more people begin recycling each year. One reason why people are beginning to recycle is that it saves energy. Not only does recycling save more money than maintaining a landfill, but also recycling is also safer to work with compared to landfills full of our waste. Also, when we recycle, it helps our ozone layer by not releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. One of the biggest reasons why people recycle is because they are concerned with our planets nonrenewable resources. When we recycle we cut down on the usage of these resources and they can be saved for later, or for a better use.
Recycling is beneficial to our environment and to our economy. Recycling is beneficial to our economy by saving the government money in a variety of ways. Recycling cuts out the need for expensive landfills that require countless hours of maintenance. Another way recycling is economically friendly, is that our government can earn money by selling our e-wastes overseas to be properly disposed of. E-wastes are electronic wastes such as computers, televisions, and screens that cannot be broken down by the Earth. “We have to properly...