Psy 220 Week 4

Component one is factual knowledge. Component one consists of knowing characteristics and traits shared by humans, how they relate to other people and what is normal behavior. The component helps the mother conclude that stealing cookies is not normal behavior or a characteristic for all children. Stealing is a punishable crime; therefore the right discipline is essential. The mother can think about the process of trial and error during the young years, and realize that it was faze to see what would happen.

Component two is procedural knowledge for making a wise judgment. Procedural knowledge is a component that helps the person avoid conflict and still deal with the situation. The person is understanding and gives advice, and avoids sounding demanding, thus trying to control the other person. The mother.. in the scenario must react in a way to set an example for her child. In the child’s eyes he or she will come to realize that stealing is very wrong and unacceptable. If the mother had demanded and controlled her child, the child would have rebelled against her. In this way the child develops a health conscience and can start making the decisions between good and bad on her own and make the right choice with the help of her calm understanding mother.
Component four is recognition and management of uncertainty. This component is the awareness that life is unpredictable and not every outcome to a situation will be perfect. Thinking about how to react to situation and help others grasp the whole aspect of the situation can help. When the mother considers the reason behind the child’s motives to stealing the cookies, she may help with a solution. The way the mother handles the situation and thinks about her reaction before she may be able to prevent another situation in which her child steals again. The uncertainty of any situation and the outcome needs to be recognized. Although the mother could present the child with fact and the reality of stealing and the...