Psy 103 Week 5 Critical and Creative Thinking Ii

Critical and Creative Thinking Questions II
Jane Doe
Psy 103
Dr. Such and Such

  1. Have you ever changed a strongly held attitude? What caused the change for you?
I once was very ill-tempered. I can recall having a bad attitude as a baby. My memory does go back as far as being a baby in a high chair. Once I began school I did not understand why I was getting in trouble so many times. If I came across schoolwork that I did not understand and the teacher appeared to not want to help, I would become so angry I would say mean things and hurt people’s feelings. An old mentor of mine explained to me how people feel whenever you take your day out on them and since then I have I began to be careful about the way I treated people.

  2. Do you believe that you are free of prejudice? After reading this chapter, which of the many factors that cause prejudice do you think is most important to change?
I would say I have come a long way but I doubt anyone is completely free of prejudice.
One of the biggest things that causes prejudice is being unaware. Whenever a person will critic another person or an object and not actually know the circumstances or the condition, prejudice can occur. The causes of prejudices go from complete ignorance to atmosphere. Some people become prejudiced because of incorrect beliefs of labels and some acquire it because of the way they were brought up. Ignorance can be overcome with knowledge if that person decides to seek knowledge.

  3. How do Milgram's results—particularly the finding that the remoteness of the victim affected obedience—relate to some aspects of modern warfare?
The nearer the intended target is, most likely they will hardly want to cause any actual destruction.   Weapons of all sorts are methods to hold the target at a “secure” space from the competitor.   At this present time, a competitor still does not have to go out on to the area of conflict to get rid his opponent.   I am certain that this tactic of...