Psy 230 Week 4

Character Evaluation

Cindi Gould

PSY 230

Axia College

    I have chosen to analyze the personality of Albert Brennaman, from the movie Hitch.   Albert Brennaman was not a real person, so not enough is known about his personality to offer a proper description.   Because of this, I will be basing my analysis of his personality off of the movie character.

    In regards to the first cluster, extraversion, Albert Brennaman was definitely an introvert.   He was quiet and withdrawn, but also more contemplative, deliberate, and less likely to take bad risks. (McAdams, 2006, p. 157)   He was a loner but showed extra attention to details when it matters most. (McAdams, 2006, p.158)   Albert would quietly try and give his input on a matter only to be outdone by a louder more aggressive co worker.

In the next cluster, neuroticism, Albert hid his true feelings most of the time.   He would show this nervous, vulnerable, high strung person in public, and he was pretty much the same in private.   (McAdams, 2006, p. 7)   Albert was in love with one of his beautiful, wealthy clients and did not know how to get her attention.   He was afraid to speak to her, was nervous and clumsy around her.   He had only one friend that we were aware of, and that was Hitch.   He valued Hitch and the help he provided in getting the attention of the woman he was attracted to.   Albert employed the services of Hitch to become more aggressive and gain the attention of his lady love.

    In the next cluster, openness to experience, Albert exhibited a little bit of both sides in his personality.   His approach to life was original and his style was very unique, yet he remained down to earth.   (McAdams, 2006, p. 7)   He was a simple individual with very narrow interests.   His likes and dislikes were not discussed in detail.   Albert was a simple creature; one who always seemed to be the aloof one.   Due to his devotion to his lady love and obtaining her affection, he would put himself in awkward...