Psy/230 Week 8

Assignment: Applying the Developmental Theories

April 21, 2013

Assignment: Applying the Developmental Theories
My subject is my daughter she is two years and she is currently in the stage early childhood and childhood playing. I noticed the independence of early childhood about a year ago once she started walking and wanting to do thing on her own. She had a really strong will when it came to doing things on her own. Take last summer she loved to swim, she always wanted to be in the pool and I wouldn’t let her go in allow. So one day when I took her in the pool she pushed me and began swimming with her water wings. I feel this really showed her need to become more independent as well as strong willed.
I just recently noticed her change into childhood playing, she like to feel like she is powerful and in control. It becomes more noticeable in her actions day by day she has to feel like she is in charge and is the boss. I notice this more as she plays with her toys she always has to play as the mommy or daddy character when she plays. She plays really well with other children as well but she usually is the one to decide what they play. I find that to be her little erg for power to feel in charge. I think she feels like being in charge is kind of purpose in her own little world.
According to Loevinger’s the stage my daughter is currently in is self-protective. She is kind of manipulative she I never thought of it as manipulative till taking this course but my daughter is two years old and can pretty much wrap me around her little finger. It just seems she know what she could do to get me to do what she wants. She does all the cute little thing like hugging and kissing me and telling me “You’re the best mommy ever” which is usually what I am a sucker for and she manipulates me into doing any and everything she want. She is able to get ice cream and new toys whenever she uses her little techniques against me.