Proposed Changeover from the Current Bcs Format to a Playoff System in Professional Grade Football

Changing to a Playoff Format from the BCS in College Football 

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Proposed Changeover from the current BCS format to a playoff system in professional grade football

The following is a Report on proposed change in College Football from a BCS format to playoff system which may be placed on the anvil for implementation from the next football season onwards.


      There have been rankling from certain quarters for the NCAA to move from the current Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format to a 16 Game Playoff mechanism. Under the present BCS system, the awarding of the final championship title is done, inter alia, through computer rankings and does not enforce end-of-series tournaments, or play-offs. Thus, speculations are rife as to whether the final winner thoroughly deserves to win the title or could have gained it over the passage of individual games through arbitrary decisions in its favour. Under the present BCS system, the final championship decider is a game off between the top two teams who have reached the top rankings. The teams reach these positions through a number of crucial deciding factors like computer rankings, media and sponsor polls, number of games lost, strength of team schedule, etc. While the propriety or otherwise of these extraneous factors cannot be questioned, there are reasons to believe that these factors are not really performance- based and could be based on personal or institutional bias or discrimination, especially when big money is involved in these Bowl fixtures. Proposals have been mooted time and again, especially by disgruntled players and dissatisfied teams, to bring about institutionalised changes within the College Football fixtures so as to make it more dominant on team performance and nothing else. These suggestions have gained momentum over...