Health Care Proposal

“Health Care Proposal”
      August 1, 2009

      “Health Care Proposal”

      In today’s current economical turmoil there are many changes that can be made in many areas that can help to improve our current health care situation. Though there are many different points of view on the current health care situation, there is one main concern: Everyone should receive health care treatment that is needed.
      My vision for the new health care system would be simply the fact that everyone who truly needs healthcare should be able to receive the care that they need regardless of economic stature. This new healthcare system that I would propose would be funded in many different ways.
      First, a monetary amount would be held from each pay period based on how much a person makes and their age group. As the years pass the amount “held” in that persons name would grow, allowing them access to care that they may not have had access to otherwise. This system would work very similar to the way the current social security system works, except one would be able to obtain benefits when they need them versus waiting until a certain age. The first doctor’s visit would be “complimentary” based on what the ailment is, or basically, diagnosis purposes. Then alternate visits and treatments if they were necessary, would be at cost associated with the type of doctor to be seen. This would allow for the patients that need emergency care to be seen and put through to the proper specialists, and then those that do not have symptoms that would require them to be seen immediately can be treated for mild cases at the first visit.
      After a certain age, or once an individual has paid into the HSA for a set amount of years it would no longer be necessary for them to pay any longer. They would then have a certain amount accrued that would allow them access to the care that they need, in addition to Medi-Care. The HSA that they had paid into over the years...