Why the Bcs Should Have a Playoff System

Playoffs vs. BCS  
Should College Football replace the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a playoff System?

1. Introduction
a.   In 2004, the football teams from the university of Utah and Boise State University were excluded from the national championship game despite being undefeated all season long.   While other teams that had one or more losses played for the national title in 2003.   I don’t know about you but that comes off a little discouraging to me and is directly related to the BCS Standings and ranking system that has been effective in college football since 1998.   The BCS was formed to put the top two ranked college football teams against each other in a national championship, while eight other top teams play in four major bowl games.  
b. How many of you filled out a bracket for the march madness college basketball tournament that has just recently ended?   This playoff system is one of many in college sports and is one of the most exciting and widely viewed sporting event in America.   Wouldn’t it be nice if a big tournament like this was implemented into college football as well?   Not only would the overall best team be chosen by a simple win or loss system, but the disputes over the BCS ways of ranking teams would be obsolete.  
c. Many football fans are pushing to get a playoff system to take effect in the next few years in college football to replace the BCS.   They contend that it is the only fair way to determine a national champion and that the BCS method of ranking teams is subjective, profit-motivated, and frequently leaves the best teams out of the championship game. According to www.collegefootball.procon.org 43% of Americans say that Football is their favorite sport to watch, more than 3 times any other sport.   In 2008 alone, a record 37.5 million people attend college football games. With all the supporters and fans of college football, it seems funny to me that it’s the only sport in college that hasn’t chosen to utilize a...