Bcs Pros Cons

Cody Maynard
Professor Livingston
English 101, Composition
1 November 2009
Bowl Championship Series Bowl System
When the Bowl Championship Series comes around, it reminds me of the holidays. As nice as the Christmas is without the bowl season, the bowl games put the holiday season over the top. As I begin to watch all of the games, I feel a shower of satisfaction throughout the excitement of a college football matchup. I can’t wait to watch the best team in college football raise the national championship trophy every year. The problem with this is I do not know which game to watch. Sometimes the best teams are not playing in the BCS National Championship Game.
By now we knowthat the Bowl Championship Series does not always select the right teams to be put into the BCS National Championship game. Evidence of this most commonly comes up during the 2004 season. A record in the BCS era, five teams went undefeated. Oklahoma, USC, Auburn,Utah and Boise State all went unscathed. Utah and Boise State had played easy schedules and were not given a chance to show themselves in the title game. And then there were three, Oklahoma, USC, and Auburn. Despite playing in what most people believed as the hardest conference in college football, Auburn was left out to dry by the selection committee. Auburn won their Bowl game and USC won their National Championship game with ease over their opponent. They were both number one in the BCS poll. This left experts scratching their heads and looking for answers. Questions arose, “If they are undefeated then why can’tthey be number one in the BCS?” “Who is number one when there are two or more undefeated teams?” I believe the answer to this question lies hidden within the process of selection for the two teams in the BCS National Championship.(New BCS 1)
One of the most devastating dents they put in college football was during the 2004 season. The University of Southern California Trojans wasnot selected to play in the...