Bcs vs Playoff

BCS vs. Playoffs
      I have been a College football fan for as long as I can remember and I know, just like every other college football fan, that the BCS system is not perfect. The BCS or Bowl Championship Series is a system designed to find the top two Division I-A college football teams in the nation. Using computers they take into account polls from Associated Press writers and the coaches, number of losses, strength of schedule, and if a team has beaten any of the other top ten teams. A computer then adds it all up and ranks the teams accordingly; the two top teams then play each other for the national championship. Many people argue that a playoff system is a better way to find the national champion, while others are perfectly happy with the BCS system currently used. The question that many involved with college football ask is whether or not a playoff system is a better way to determine which teams play in the national championship.
      The problem many people have with the BCS system is that in any given season there may be more than one undefeated team, but there can only be one champion. There are several instances where undefeated teams were not chosen by the BCS system to play in the championship game. This leaves one wondering how a team, seemingly as talented as the championship team, can take second or even third place without losses.
      An alternative to the BCS approach in determining the champion is a playoff system. In a playoff system the top 16 or so teams would play each other working their way up to the national championship game, but if a team lost they would be eliminated and no longer eligible to become national champions. The advantage of this is that each team’s ability to perform, whether they win or lose, would lead to their own outcome, as opposed to a computer system deciding
who is best. This type of system would allow more teams a chance at becoming a national champion given that, in the end, the title would be available...