Pop Culture

Pop culture of 1830s

* all clothing had to be sewed by hand by the women.
* didn’t have many clothes, one outfit for every day of the week.
* some ordered fabrics and some people started from scratch
* some materials were hard to get or very expensive, such as cotton.
*silk was even more rare and exquisite as it is now.
* Women wore really long dresses made from wool, cotton, or silk.
*skirts were pleated and usually long
*Lace or ruffles used on clothing
*women’s heads were covered most of the time.
* men’s clothing was linen shirts, an overcoat with long tails that were tucked into the back of their pants.
*men always wore long sleeves and their pants were made from scratchy wool and no men wore belts at the time.

*Corn was eaten regularly
*children would bring home fish or berries
*crops they also ate were pumpkin, potatoes, squash, beans, peas, cucumbers, cabbages, carrots, onions, rhubarb, radishes, lettuce, turnips, melons, and grains for flour.
*other foods were rolls or biscuits, or corn bread,
*meats, including lamb, domesticated chicken, and beef and pork dishes.
*wild game, such as venison, wild turkey or squirrel, and fresh fish.
*Cows provided a source for milk and cheese. Chickens provided eggs.



* The number of people coming to the United States in the 1830s was 599,000,
*four times the number that came in the 1820's
* largest groups continued to be the Germans, the Irish, and the British escaping the political and economic conditions