American Pop Culture

How has American pop culture influenced art throughout the world?

American movies are viewed throughout the world. Also rap and hip hop music is heard in Europe with the singer rapping in France, German, Italian, etc. Yes pop culture is legendary for being only a trend, especially music. Movies are less trendy and more established in other countries. American television shows are also popular around the world as well as the McDonald hamburger.

As far as serious art, American pop art culture holds less sway. Andy Warhol is popular in Europe as well as painter Roy Litchenstein, yet western Europeans have their own popular artists. And the Europeans enjoy classical music, opera, and ballet, the high arts. Not American influence in those art forms.

How are influences from American movies, comics, or consumer culture evident in the art of another country?

In many other countries it is evident that the American culture influenced many of people. Most movies and television shows that are watched in other countries are American. Children watch the same shows as the children in America. They consume the same foods like McDonalds and Pizza Hut they even have the same rituals in watching television, like before bed they can watch Conan or Jay Leno and before those shows they can watch CSI or Desperate Housewives. These are all things that can mold a person. Some people in these other countries that watch American TV and movies even learn English from them. This allows these people who are from different cultures to broaden their horizons and keep their mind open.

In your opinion, is American influence beneficial or detrimental to the other country’s culture?

I personally don’t think that the American influence is detrimental. I feel that it is beneficial to these other countries; these countries use our programming to learn and to open their minds and grow as a person with out forgetting who they are or where they came from. I know that if I was in a foreign...