American Pop Culture

Timothy J. Silvey
Daniel Jette

Today's American pop culture has been greatly influenced by the baby boomers who were the first generation raised with television. Though the boomers are entering their 60's, their music is still played on the radio frequently. "I think it's a music that challenges us to think about what America is in ways we both do and don't want to do," said Craig Werner referring to the baby boomers. The younger generation. Companies have generally been using mass media as a source of communication to let a large amount of people know about their products and this allows great ideas to be shared with everyone. However, as time passes the sophistication of the advertising methods have become more advanced and created consumerism needs to target luxuries and turn them into necessities. Today's media must address some current problem in the society or reflect upon American life and different ways of living it.

  This creates a lot of stereotypes that manufactures such as Abercrombie and Fitch as well as Calvin Klein use to make their products more enticing to the public. These companies use young models and provocative advertisements flaunting adult sexuality and creating an image of a perfect image. The majority of today's models are young and extremely thin or muscular and it creates an image that only this is the way we all should look. This affects a large portion of people who do not believe that they are perfect and creates a extremely unhappy outcome causing people to ignore their own personal goals for themselves. Television greatly affects the way the general public of the American society views itself. Numerous television shows describe certain ways of living and a large portion of people follow in the same style of life. Sponsors use specific settings to promote the public's buying ideas. Our need as a society for the television and everything it has to offer creates a large amount of work. There are other...