Pop Culture

Popular culture, or pop culture, affects everyone. Sexual images of girls and young women in the media are harming their self-image and development. In society today, the media bombards teens with images and trends. Media defines pop culture through what the trends are, what people should be wearing, what they should be listening to, how they should act, and what they should look like. Pop culture, in turn, defines what one should look like through movies, television, magazines, catalogs, billboards, fashion, and music. There is a concern with the negative influences of pop artists images have in present day society. Using Christina Aguilera as an example; Christina illustrates what happens when we fail to address the ‘harmful attitudes and practices’ of popular culture.

Christina Aguilera is a role model to young females around the world. They respect her and want to emulate her every move. They are so enthralled by their idol that they begin to dress like her in hopes of being like her (unaware of the potential risks). Males, on the other hand, lustfully desire these singers. They place their gaze upon them and begin to objectify them. The fact that males sexualize these singers will only increase the chances of these males sexualizing these young females. The longer women continue to be objectified and classified as sexual beings, the longer it will take to rid the world of these sexual images threatening the innocence of today’s youth.

Pop-Diva Christina Aguilera is a beautiful young lady that made it into the Top-10 of the world’s music charts. On the other hand she triggered more and more controversies with her provocative Fashion-Trend and explicit song lyrics. Due to a Mass Media Presentation of her hip-shaking moves through television and magazines our Teenage generation has been contaminated with idolizing a look and attitude that has the question “how much?” written all over. I think it is a shame of the entertainment business to have such a...