Everyday Exposure to Pop Culture

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My life consist of popular culture in many different ways, I use all types of artifacts daily. The artifacts I use daily have a big impact on my life because to me they are very important in my everyday living. The most important artifacts are my cell phone, internet, and the television, which I use for pleasure and entertainment. I use other artifacts like the microwave, dryer, and 24 hour stores for my convenience. I use these artifacts to help make my life much easier.
I watch television 85% of the day, I wake up and the first thing I do is turn on the television. I get a pleasure out of watching television because I can hear what is happening in my society, watch world news, favorite shows, videos, and play video games. I learn certain things from watching television, how to cook certain meals and eat healthy. I feel I can’t live without a television because it keeps me company when I have no one to talk with. Watching television is a convenience also, because if you have a remote you never have to get up and change the channels.
I use the internet on a daily basis, but not as much as I watch television. I’m on the internet on and off during the day, but when I’m on the internet I’m chatting and playing games with family and friends. The internet is a convenience for me because some of my friends don’t have telephones and this is a good source of communication. I like using the internet for various reasons, communicating by e-mail, applying for jobs, home work, researching, and typing up papers. The internet makes it convenient for me to do certain things in my own home without leaving the house.
Having a cell phone is a must, it’s the only means of communication me and my children have with each other daily. My cell phone is my life, I text, watch videos, watch movies, and surf the web. I do so much with my cell phone, I’m lost without it. I use my cell phone for...